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We help business enterprise grow and reach their business goals. Having an online presence changes the dynamics of your business reach.

Shades N Shadows Media Technology (P) Ltd. was established 10 years ago to cater the needs of small business enterprises to go online. We wanted to start slow yet not fall back in the pecking order. 10 years fast forward, after going through multiple ups and downs, we have managed to survive bewildering storms but have not got derailed from our mission. We have always believed in hearing what our perspective customers have to say and learn about their needs. Until we hear them, we cannot give them a proper solution.

Great ideas take time to formulate hence, we take brainstorming sessions to have a clear idea. Ideas come to life when you have clear understanding of it and its goal. With understanding we can align ideas to the goals. Then only the idea becomes a proper product. And online presence can come in handy. With a proper product you can achieve your business goals and be efficient at the same time. Also, one can have a proper identity.

SnS have always stayed true to their mission and vision. We have always been partial and let the clients know the progress of the project. We also involve our clients so that they know what and how the project is being developed and its progress.

It is all about making your ideas real. You just need the right company that trusts you and believes in the idea.

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Company History



Vision was to cater the local market, it's demand and needs.


2012:New Venture

We founded another company as per our needs for printing and desgining.


2016 : Re-Structured

New members were bought in to cater the new challenges put infront but the vision still remains the same.


2019 : The Ongoing

The comany has stayed strong and is thriving to meet excellence in terms of work and customer satisfaction.

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