Web Technologies

We offer complete web solutions for our customers in terms of web application, websites, mobile applications and e-commerce.


API Integration

We integrate different kinds of API website/portal so that it makes work smart and the load less.

Development Studies

GDS Integration

Our extended service of GDS integration in ticketing portal will help clients make their portal user friendly for users.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing services are one of our core interests. With digital marketing you can instantly sell almost anything.


Branding and Visibility

We offer unique web and offline presence through creative logos, business cards, pamplets and printing materails.


HR and Outsourcing

We also offer our human resource as outsourcing of your projects and events. Our offerings provide you solutions for your events.

Service Listings

Customization is the key to our business. Let us know about your business needs.


The Basic Services

  • Websites
  • Web Applications
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting(Dedicated/Shared)
  • Mobile Applications
  • E-commerce
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Digital Marketing

The Standard Services

  • SEO
  • SMM
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
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Brand and Print

The Extended Services

  • Paper Ad Design
  • Social Media Ad Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Desgin
  • Card, Letter Head, Brochure
  • Flex Print and Design
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Frequently Asked

  • Does my organization need to go online?
    • Not necessarily. First, we request our clients to be clear on this idea of online presence. You need to have vision and objective. Online presence is not just for show, it is an opportunity. An opportunity to connect with your customers and the probable ones. If you have a platform to connect with your customers, you build a realtionship with them which then yeilds trust.

  • How much does a online product cost?
    • Each and every one of us are different and our ogranizations as well. It is just a mere coincidence that two or more ogranization are same in working mechanism but their needs and goals are certainly different. Hence, there is no standard product that can satisfy two different people. Therefore, the cost of the products are differnt according to your requirement.

  • Cost of Domain and Hosting
    • The cost of most of the ".com" domain name are the same unless it is a popular word or a name. Popular words and name tend to cost more because they have high demand and high hit/inquiry. The cost of domain name also depends upon the exchange rate of dollar value. The starting cost of domain name are from Rs. 2,000. onwards.

      The cost of hosting is also differet depending upon the size and use of the website. Simple portfolio website with small size and volume of pictures cost less: strating from Rs. 5,000 with a minimum storage capacity of 500 mb space. Further, your use of company email also determines the need for your hosting space.

  • SEO and SMM
    • SEO and SMM are two different entities.

      SEO stands for Search Engiene Optimization. It is about making your website have a proper google ranking with content originality/authenticity. SEO helps you to make your website found with proper keywords. Keywords are the words used by clients/customers/people to find out about their queries online in google. The google search engine identifies the searched keywords and the matches them with the keywords used in your website and displays them. The better the use of keywords, the better the ranking. Further, copied contents does not work in SEO. SEO is a tedious process which atleast requires 3 months of application and six months to get a proper result which is visible. All our websites have basic SEO and SEO friendly built.

      SMM stands Social Media Marketing. It is an advanced form of tradition email marketing and newsletter subscription. It is also a form of push marketing where we use social media platforms like facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, linkedin, etc to push your contenct to your perspective clients or the customer segement you want to target. In SMM, we make attractive and appealing graphic and visual contents to push your products and services so that they become visible to people. Here, we try to attract and lure people to try out your products and service or also know about your offerings. SMM somewhat gives instant results than SEO and is also useful to make a customer base and get their inquiry.

  • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing is a way to place your brand in the online world. Here, we help you to place your products in the web where your customers can see it. It consists of pop-ups and advertisements on youtube or other sites for your customers to see it.



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