Welcome to Travel DOME

Travel DOME is a complete flight, hotel and tour booking system with the feature of online payment. This product is the continuos, rigorous and dedicated efforts of Shades & Shadows Media Technologies.

This product is especially for travel agencies with inbound and outbound tour feature who want to give their perspective clients a complete travel/tour experience. SnS has developed a dynamic and customizable product which can be moulded according to the client's requirement. Our experiences say that every client is different and their needs. We try to understand our client and their specific needs. Travel DOM is a fully customizable product which can and will cater your needs and requirement.

Travel DOME is our effort of six years where we have put our time to understand the travel and ticketing business. In the mean time the industry has grown and features like online payment system has evolved. But, Travel DOM is customizable and can be integrated with most of the online payment features domestically and internationally. Travel DOM can be used with any GDS and gives you different features like markup, reporting system, financial logs, etc.

SnS have always stayed true to their mission and vision. We have always been partial and let the clients know the progress of the project. We also involve our clients so that they know what and how the project is being developed and its progress.

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Travel DOME Features

Some of the important features of Travel DOME.


Package Builder

  • Package Builder
  • Picture Carausol
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API Integration

  • Search / Book Hotel
  • Search Filters
  • Search hotel world wide
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API Integration

  • Search / Book Flights
  • Search with Filters
  • MarkUp
  • B2C / B2B User Modules
  • Place Custom Fares
  • Calender View
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Travel DOME B2C and B2B

  • Travel DOME - B2C Booking Engine
    • Travel DOME makes the booking process simpler and faster for all kinds of custmers and the user of the portal. We have developed an effective and effecient product for this complex sector through our rigrous dedication and experience. This B2C module gives your organization competitive advantage in many ways while managing and promoting travel products, destinations and hotel bookings.

  • Travel DOME - B2B Booking Engine
    • The B2B module is another important feature of Travel DOME where you can create chains of agents to bloster your sales. Our B2B module has all the essential features included which you can adjust pricing and markup policies dynamically, list hotels, manage credit and offerings, cancellation policies and fees. This product is built on an advanced framework which will ease of updating process and security concerns. Authorized agent login and agent features make this product reliable and convenient. The Admin panel controls and moniters every activity from any device at any time with a login.

Travel DOME Functions - B2C and B2B

Some of the important features of Travel DOME.

B2C Module

  • Multi-currency support
  • Cart Option
  • Banner Management
  • Interactive portal for end user
  • Static package & Dynamic package
  • Customers booking as guest user

  • Desired payment gateway integration
  • Mobile responsive portal
  • User friendly interface
  • Google maps view
  • Tour Booking option
  • Cancellation/Refund Options

  • Auto alerts on confirmation, bookings, tickets
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • API Integration
  • Admin Panel Management
  • Voucher and Promocode Management

  • MIS Report
  • SMS and Mail Integration
  • Customizable and easy to use and manage
  • Reporting System to assist in your planning
  • Sequential online Booking functionality

B2B Module

  • Time and Cost Saving
  • Wider exposure of our products
  • Increased operational effeciency
  • Highly scalable
  • Wider reach and growth option

  • Inventory Management: Tickets and Hotel Rooms
  • Supplier Management: Effeciently manage new partners and agents
  • Offers and Deals Creation: Offers and Targets for agents
  • Agency Management System: Manage and monitor agencies and their activities
  • Business Protocols: Segregate agents according to business affiliation

  • CRM System: Maintain individual user profiles and personalization service
  • Account and Finance: Proper record keeping and timely report generation
  • Documentation: Email and printing of the records at ease
  • Activation/De-Activation: Profile activation and de-activation